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The Sages

The Sages

        As stated in my previous blogs, I believe that all the evidence points to a worldwide civilization that existed before the Great Flood.  I have named that culture, for the sake of convenience and brevity “the Archetype Civilization.”  It is presumptuous of me, I know.

A great argument for the idea that all of pre-Flood humanity (whom I have called “the Archetypes”) lived in a global civilization is the equally worldwide presence of the same or related stories in our oldest civilizations and cultures.  The story of the Great Flood is a perfect example.

All around the world, in over 1,000 different cultures and heritages, there is some version of a story about the destruction of the entire world by a massive flood.  In these stories, the human species is preserved in the form of a few individuals, who are rescued by some extraordinary intervention, usually divine.  

The ancient Chinese character for the word "boat."

Consider the ancient Chinese character for the word "boat" illustrated above.  It is a combination of the characters for "vessel" and "eight" and "person."  Is this not a summation of the story of Noah in one single word?  This from a people who speak one of the most ancient living languages on the planet.

Another story is that of the Sages.  In the stories of the Sages, a group of people (almost always with one clear leader) bring, or bring back, knowledge to humanity.  This often occurs after humanity has been destroyed by the Great Flood.  These teachers bring to the scattered, ignorant people mathematics, engineering, astronomy, architecture, religion, agriculture, writing, music and government, so that the human race can rebuild their culture.  After teaching the people all that they need to know, the Sages leave to teach others, usually promising to return.

The characters in these stories go by many names.  The Egyptians called this group “Thoth and the Seven Sages.” 


The ancient Sumerians called them “the Seven Anunnaki or Abgal (Judges).”  
Abgal or Apkallu

The Assyrians and the Babylonians spoke of “Oannes and the Seven Apkallu,”who were said to have come from the sea and clothed with the bodies of fishes.
The unbelievably old, but still living, Sanskrit tales of the Hindu tradition tell about “Manu and the Seven ‘Rishis.’” 

Manu and the Seven Rishis
By the way, all these different titles mean a special form of wise elder or sage.

        In the New World, all the Meso-American cultures taught the same stories about the same individual and his cadre of assistant wise men.  The Aztec called him “Quetzalcoatl.”  

The Maya named him “Kukulcan.”  Both of these cultures called him “The Feathered Serpent.”  


The South American peoples, such as the Inca, spoke of “Viracocha,” who was said in local stories to be a man of white skin with a full beard.

Like the other cultures, these teacher/heroes brought knowledge, both technical and cultural, far beyond what the race of man possessed at that time.

        Now, in the story of the Great Flood, Noah was kept alive in the Ark, with only his family.  This family consisted of Noah’s wife, Noah’s son Shem and Shem’s wife, his son Ham and Mrs. Ham and Japheth with his better half. 

        So, let’s see.  Beside Noah, the leader, there were, hmm, seven people.  These individuals would have held, in their living memory, all that remained of science, art and technology from previous history.  The year long Flood would have wiped any tangible reminders, tools or records away, except for the very largest of stone works.
        In the hundreds of years that this family survived after coming out of the Ark, their primary goal would have been to transfer this living memory to their children, grandchildren and …. well, you know.  The Bible tells us that this was a span of 350 years in Noah’s case.  Perhaps it was longer in the case of his sons and daughters-in-law.  

        I don’t think that current mathematical models of population growth would have applied to these extraordinary people, but we don’t really have any other information to contradict it.  Consequently, if we start with eight people consisting of four married couples, using a standard projection of 1.68% increase in population per year, by the end of 350 years we would be talking about only 47 people.

        I think, however, that these folks would have been far more productive than our modern day norm.  Combined with the fact that they had been commanded by God to “be fruitful and multiply” along with the simple common-sense conclusion that they needed all the people they could get to help rebuild and sustain humanity, let’s change the figures.

        Let’s guess that, because of their superior strength, endurance and sturdier health, not to mention motivation, they would have been able to produce a child every two years.  A lack of infant mortality would have allowed all these children to reach reproductive age.  That would result in a population of 700 in the 350-year time span.

        I think that even this is a low estimate, but you can see how, in such a situation, a group of eight people could have a vast influence on the succeeding generations.  They would truly be the Sages that were revered for teaching the world.

     The truth is there.  You just have to see it.
     This blog has been written with the sole purpose of using the ample evidence available to verify and support the biblical record, while refuting the copious propaganda that is shoved down our throats daily by materialistic uniformitarians. 
     It is my contention that the Bible describes God's original creation of people with extraordinary capabilities who subsequently created an advanced civilization that exceeds our own.  It was destroyed in the Great Flood and we have spent the last 4,500 years trying to preserve or re-build that civilization.  I contend that science supports all this in multiple disciplines, but this information is ignored, discredited or suppressed by people who have an opposing agenda.
     Nothing that you see on this blog is original.  Any fact that you see here is obtainable on a dozen different websites and books.  I use these facts and photos, without violating their copyrights, under the legal principle of fair use practice.  That is, I use them one time, for educational purposes only.
     The point is, nothing here is made up.  The only thing that I do (or need to do) is assemble this information in its readily discernible pattern. 
      You might want to read through the first entry posted on this blog (Past Remembering: Thoughts toward a coherent view of our ancient past, our present and our future) in order to understand my theoretical and theological underpinnings more clearly.

Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 (NASB)
That which has been is that which will be,
And that which has been done is that which will be done.
So there is nothing new under the sun.
Is there anything of which one might say,
“See this, it is new”?
Already it has existed for ages
Which were before us.

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