Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ancient genetic engineering


     The minions of materialistic orthodoxy have been busier than you can imagine running around the world, trying desperately to edit all the information that they can find about the ancient world so that it fits with their little materialistic, uniformitarian fairy tale. They do this by two methods. 

     First, they simply grab everything that is portable and is an embarrassment to them and hide it away in the back rooms of the world’s museums. For every item that you see on display, there are hundreds in store houses somewhere. 

     Secondly, they compartmentalize. All secret keepers know of this method – organizations like the CIA, the KGB, criminal mobs and terrorist groups. You make sure that no outsider understands what is going on by making sure that no one knows the big picture. Every person working on a project only knows about a part, or parts, of it. 

     If I want to build a bomb (for instance), plant it and detonate it, I will make sure that the people who build the parts of the bomb don’t know each other, or what the parts are for, or even who I am, if I can keep from it. Those who transport it and those who assemble it and those who plant it only know as much as
they need to know to do their job and never the big picture.  That way, even if one of these people is captured and questioned, they can’t really do you any damage.
     The scientific community, unfortunately, doesn’t apparently know about this strategy and they are the greatest victims of it.  The trend is to become more and more narrowly specialized and your publications and conferences are only with those of your own specialty.  No scientist really seems to have a grasp of the larger picture.  We’ve seen that in our studies before and we will see it again today, I think.
     The materialistic minions’ biggest problem is that there are a great many things that they either are too late in getting hold of (so they are already public), or they are just too big and wide-spread to control or hide.
     Let’s talk about genetics.  I love genetics. 
     Evolutionists used to rant about genetics.  (I love it when they rant, because they nearly always say something to damage themselves.)  They used to hold forth that, when they finally starting cracking the genetic code, it would irrefutably prove evolution and shut up all those “alternative theories” forever.
     Now, we’ve begun understanding something of the genetic make-up of cells and guess what?  We’re not hearing a lot from the Darwinists and when we do, it’s usually in very sheepish, tentative tones.

     Now, we hear things like:
     “Well, it seems that the DNA in the cells (mitochondrial DNA) of every human being traces back to one individual woman.”  (Really!  What a surprise!  To you!)
     Or “Well, we can’t really identify a process that could lead a cell to evolve from one form to another, because they have a quality called “irreducible complexity.”  That is, if anything is missing or different in the cell, it stops functioning altogether, so gradual changes don’t seem possible.”

     Let’s talk about dogs.
     I got a text from my daughter, Erin, the other day and she said, “I think I have the topic for your next blog. Go find the Youtube file on a NOVA documentary called 'Dogs: Decoded.'” 

     I suggest, esteemed reader, that you also go and find it.

      The video is quite interesting and informative despite the obvious choke-hold the materialists have on it.  I think that you will find it is self-explanatory, if you keep one question and one phrase in mind.
     The question?  “How would such a cluster of human-centered traits that don’t have any use among wild canines come to be hidden in the genomes of multiple canine species?”
     The phrase?  Genetic engineering.


This blog has been written with the sole purpose of using the ample evidence available to verify and support the biblical record, while refuting the copious propaganda that is shoved down our throats daily by materialistic uniformitarians.

It is my contention that the Bible describes God's original creation of people with extraordinary capabilities who subsequently built an advanced civilization that exceeds our own. That civilization was destroyed in the Great Flood and we have spent the last 5,000 years trying to re-build that civilization. and regain those capabilities.  I contend that science supports all this in multiple disciplines, but this information is ignored or suppressed by various people who have an opposing agenda.

Nothing that you see on this blog is original. Any fact that you see here is obtainable on a dozen different websites and books. I use these facts and photos, without violating their copyrights, under the legal principle of fair use practice. That is, I use them one time, for educational purposes only.

The point is, nothing here is made up. The only thing that I do (or need to do) is assemble this information in a discernible pattern.

You might want to read through the first entry posted on this blog (Past Remembering: Thoughts toward a coherent view of our ancient past, our present and our future) in order to understand my theoretical and theological underpinnings more clearly.

     The truth is there. You just have to see it.

Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 (NASB)

That which has been is that which will be,

And that which has been done is that which will be done.

So there is nothing new under the sun.

Is there anything of which one might say,

“See this, it is new”?

Already it has existed for ages

Which were before us.


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